Planar Surface SLAM with 3D and 2D Sensors


We present an extension to our feature based mapping technique that allows for the use of planar surfaces such as walls, tables, counters, or other planar surfaces as landmarks in our mapper. These planar surfaces are measured both in 3D point clouds, as well as 2D laser scans. These sensing modalities compliment each other well, as they differ significantly in their measurable fields of view and maximum ranges. We present experiments to evaluate the contributions of each type of sensor.


Alexander J. B. Trevor
College of Computing,
Georgia Tech
atrevor [at]
John G. Rogers III
United States Army Research Lab,
Adelphi, MD
john.g.rogers59.civ [at]
Henrik Christensen
College of Computing,
Georgia Tech
hic [at]


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The software framework is available as open source at


This work was made possible through the Boeing corporation and ARL MAST CTA project 104953.


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