Welcome to the Cognitive Robotics Laboratory! Directed by Prof. Henrik I. Christensen, we are a part of the Contextual Robotics Institute at University of California, San Diego. Our lab conducts cross-disciplinary research across a number of topics spanning robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. We primarily focus on fundamental research in the context of two main integration projects

  • Intelligent home robots: An intelligent home robot is exemplified by a robot that can “reset” your home or put away the groceries or go fetch the coffee from the kitchen. The robot is required to operate in a semi-structured setting, understand the semantic organization of the home and manipulate objects to solve its tasks. A key part of the project is natural interaction with human users and other agents in the environment.
  • Autonomous driving: Autonomous vehicles offers many possible use-cases from local area transportation to logistics and smart manufacturing. The autonomous vehicle laboratory is doing dynamic mapping, detection of other agents, intent recognition and dynamic planning to enable real-time task fulfillment. More details can be found here.

Latest News

Latest Cogrob news

Paper on home robots accepted at IRC 2023!
Our paper titled “Household navigation and manipulation for everyday object rearrangement tasks” has been accepted for publication at IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing 2023, Laguna Hills, USA.
Paper on home robots accepted at IRC 2023!
Congratulations Dr. Adeleye!
Akanimoh (Sanmi) Adeleye recently defended his PhD thesis titled “Enabling Assistive Service Robots to Contextually Organize Household Objects”. Congratulations Sanmi!
Congratulations Dr. Paz-ruiz!
David Paz recently defended his PhD thesis titled “Mapping and Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Urban Settings”. Congratulations David!
Paper accepted at IROS 2023!
Our paper titled “Multi-modal planning on rearrangement for stable manipulation” has been accepted for publication at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2023, Detroit, USA.
Paper accepted at IROS 2023!
Two papers at CASE 2023!
Very excited to present TWO papers at CASE. The research covers topics like manipulation, and knowledge graphs. Hobe and Cassie have papers. Check out Publications page for more information!
Two papers at CASE 2023!


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